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Gmina Bobrowniki

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The Commune of Bobrowniki is a territory along the Vistula River assigned to the Urban functional area of Włocławek with woods being rich in mushrooms and game. From the gothic castle in Bobrowniki, which is a ruin nowadays, a Piast monarch, then Teutonic commune heads and town starosts of Polish king had a authority over the Dobrzyń's Land unofficially functioning in old Polish administration as “voivodeship”.

The construction of the castle began in the 2 nd half of 14 th century at the times the Piast Dynasty ruling the area, which was continued in the Teutonic times and comleted after the restoration of Bobrowniki to the terrain of Poland.

One of the latest starosts of Bobrowniki, Kajetan Sierakowski, deputy to the Great Sejm and the supporter of 3 rd May events, funded the current parish Church of St. Anna in Bobrowniki built in 1787-1788. Although the church is redeveloped, it is a special place of celebration during the May 3rd Constitution Day. At the times of the silver age in Poland, the direction of emigration was opposite to the current one and the Protestants fleeing religious persecution were brought to the terrains near the Vistula River. In this way, the Bobrowniki’s starosts of Polish king settled the Stary Bógpomóż village, where the remembrances of successive generations of Olędrzy such as Evangelical graveyard and wooden houses from the Napoleonic times were maintained. On the area of the Commune of Bobrowniki, the ferry crossing the Vistula River to Nieszawa functions.

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